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Contubernio 12-Pack

48,00 iva incl.


Style: Bohemian Pils Manzanilla B.A.

Quantity per Order: 12 Units

In stock

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Collaboration with the Sanluqueño Master Armando Guerra Monge, head of the Taberna der Guerrita (a temple in the Jerez area) and one of the creators of the Club Contubernio (after which the beer is named). With them and Subterfuge we got together with a crazy common goal: to pass a brilliant Bohemian Pilsener Lager through very old boots (from 1,850) o Manzanilla Sanluqueña from Bodega San Roberto. Low-fermentation beer (lager), golden blonde, low bitterness and with all the nuances of generous and dry wine made with palomino grapes and aged under a layer of yeasts called “Velo de flor”, which is called “biological aging”.


6,2% abv.


Free home delivery in approximately 5 working days from the express confirmation of the order via email.
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